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Agency (Voting Membership)

agency membership

Open to locally sanctioned cable communications boards and commissions, city councils, county boards, and other public entities engaged in the regulation, administration, or planning of cable and/or telecommunications systems. All members of your agency, as long as they are public officials and/or public employees, receive full MACTA benefits under one membership.

2013 Agency Membership Dues

Less than 1,000 subscribers: $150
1,000-2,499 subscribers: $300
2,500-5,999 subscribers: $550
6,000-9,999 subscribers: $675
10,000-19,999 subscribers: $1,750
20,000-39,999 subscribers: $2,500
40,000+ subscribers: $3,500

Associate Membership (Non-Voting Membership)

associate membership

Open to any individual (not open to cities) from a non-profit organization or student involved in the planning, development, programming, or research of cable television and/or telecommunications systems who do not qualify for agency or individual membership. Associate members receive all MACTA benefits except special mailings and voting privileges.

2013 Associate Membership Dues

Budget more than $500,000: $350
Budget less than $500,000: $200
Attorney/Consultant: $250
Educational Institute: $50
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